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Dr.Sanjeev Khosla
Mammalian Genetics Group
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Mammalian Genetics
List of Publications:
  • Thamban T, Agarwaal V, Basu A, Rajeev R, Sinha A, Dwivedi AP, Khosla S (2019b) Epigenetic inheritance across multiple generations. In "Transgenerational Epigenetics" (Ed. Trygve Tollefsbol), Elsevier Press Chapter 19: 402-420.

  • Thamban T, Sowpati DJ, Pai V, Nithianandam V, Abe T, Shioi G, Mishra RK, Khosla S (2019a) The putative Neuronatin Imprint Control Region is an enhancer that also regulates the Blcap gene. Epigenomics 11:251-266.

  • Abhishek S, Nivya MA, Nakarakanti NK, Deeksha W, Khosla S *, Rajakumara E* (2018) Biochemical and dynamic basis for combinatorial recognition of H3R2K9me2 by dual domains of UHRF1. Biochimie 149: 105-114. * corresponding author

  • Yaseen I, Choudhury M, Sritharan M, Khosla S. 2018) Histone methyltransferase SUV39H1 participates in host defense by methylating mycobacterial histone-like protein HupB. EMBO Journal 37:183-200.

  • Anwar T, Sen B, Aggarwal S, Nath R, Pathak N, Katoch A, Aiyaz M, Trehanpati N, Khosla S Ramakrishna G. (2018) Differentially regulated gene expression in quiescence versus senescence and identification of ARID5A as a quiescence associated marker. Journal of Cell Physiology 233:3695-3712.

  • Dev RR, Ganji R, Singh SP, Mahalingam S, Banerjee S, Khosla S (2017) Cytosine methylation by DNMT2 facilitates stability and survival of HIV-1 RNA in the host cell during infection. Biochemical Journal 474: 2009-2026.

  • Anwar T, Khosla S and Ramakrishna G (2016) Increased expression of SIRT2 is a novel marker of cellular senescence and is dependent on wild type p53 status. Cell Cycle 15: 1883-1897

  • Sharma G, Sowpati DT, Singh P, Khan MZ, Ganji R, Upadhyay S, Banerjee S, Nandicoori VK, Khosla S. (2016) Genome-wide non-CpG methylation of the host genome during M. tuberculosis infection. Scientific Reports 6: 25006.

  • Basu A, Tomar A, Dasari V, Mishra RK*, Khosla S* (2016) DNMT3L enables accumulation and inheritance of epimutations in transgenic Drosophila. Scientific Reports 6:19572. * corresponding author

  • Khosla S*, Sharma G and Yaseen I (2016). Learning epigenetic regulation from mycobacteria. Microbial Cell 3: 92-94 * corresponding author

  • Yaseen I, Kaur P, Nandicoori VK, Khosla S. (2015) Mycobacteria modulate host epigenetic machinery by Rv1988 methylation of a non-tail arginine of histone H3. Nature Communications 6:8922 doi: 10.1038/ncomms9922.

  • Sharma G, Upadhyay S, Srilalitha M, Nandicoori VK, Khosla S. (2015) The interaction of mycobacterial protein Rv2966c with host chromatin is mediated through non-CpG methylation and histone H3/H4 binding. Nucleic Acids Research 43:3922-3937.

  • Basu A, Dasari V, Mishra RK, Khosla S (2014) The CpG island encompassing the promoter and first exon of human DNMT3L gene is a PcG/TrX response element (PRE). PLoS One 9:e93561.

  • Gokul G, Khosla S (2012) DNA methylation and Cancer. Subcellular Biochemistry 61:597-625.

  • Narendra P. Singh, Sri R. Madabhusi, Surabhi Srivastava, R. Senthilkumar, C. Neeraja, Sanjeev Khosla,* and Rakesh K. Mishra,* (2011) Epigenetic profile of the euchromatic region of human Y chromosome. Nucleic Acids Research, doi:10.1093/nar/gkq1342 * corresponding authors

  • Thiagarajan D, Dev RR, Khosla S (2011) The DNA methyltranferase Dnmt2 participates in RNA processing during cellular stress. Epigenetics 6:103-113.

  • Manderwad GP, Gokul G, Kannabiran C, Honavar SG, Khosla S, Vemuganti G (2010) Hypomethylation of the DNMT3L Promoter in Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia (OSSN). Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 134:1193-1196.

  • Gokul G, Ramakrishna G, and Khosla S (2009) Reprogramming of HeLa cells upon DNMT3L overexpression mimics carcinogenesis. Epigenetics 4: 322-329.

  • Basu D, Khare G, Singh S, Tyagi A, Khosla S, Mande SC (2009) A novel nucleoid-associated protein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a sequence homolog of GroEL. Nucleic Acids Res. Jun 15. [Epub ahead of print]

  • Sowpati DT, Thiagarajan D, Sharma S, Sultana H, John R, Surani A, Mishra RK, Khosla S (2008). An intronic DNA sequence within the mouse Neuronatin gene exhibits biochemical characteristics of an ICR and acts as a transcriptional activator in Drosophila. Mech Dev. 125:963-973.pdf

  • Nyamath P, Alvi A, Habeeb A, Khosla S, Khan AA, Habibullah CM (2007) Characterization of hepatic progenitors from human fetal liver using CD34 as a hepatic progenitor marker. World J Gastroenterol 13:2319-2323.

  • Gokul G, Gautami B, Malathi S, Sowjanya A, Poli U, Jain M, Ramakrishna G, and Khosla S (2007) DNA methylation profile at the DNMT3L promoter: a potential biomarker for cervical cancer". Epigenetics 2: 80-85.pdf

  • Khosla S, Mendiratta G, Brahmachari V. (2006) Genomic imprinting in the mealybugs. Cytogenetics and Genome Research 113: 41-52.pdf

  • Gregory RI, O'Neill LP, Randall TE, Fournier C, Khosla S, Turner BM and Feil R. (2002) Inhibition of histone deacetylases alters allelic chromatin conformation at the imprinted U2af1-rs1 locus in mouse embryonic stem cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry 277:11728-11734.pdf

  • Gregory R.I., Khosla S. and Feil R. (2001). Probing chromatin structure with nuclease sensitivity assays. In the "Methods in Molecular Biology" vol. 181 series: "Genomic Imprinting Methods and Protocols" (Ed. A. Ward), Humana Press 269-284.

  • Gregory R.I., Randall T.E., Johnson C.A., Khosla S., Hatada I., ONeill L.P., Turner B.M. and Feil R. (2001) DNA Methylation Is Linked to Deacetylation of Histone H3, but Not H4, on the Imprinted Genes Snrpn and U2af1-rs1 Molecular and Cellular Biology 21:5426-5436.pdf

  • John R.M., Ainscough J., Aparicio S., Arney K.L., Khosla S., Hilton K., Barton S.C. and Surani A. (2001). Expression of the mouse Neuronatin gene is regulated by distinct and dispersed enhancers and by imprinting elements which are more proximate to the gene. Developmental Biology 236:387-399.pdf

  • Khosla S., Dean W., Reik W. and Feil R. (2001). Culture of pre-implantation mouse embryos affects fetal development and the expression of imprinted genes. Human Reproduction Update 7:419-427.pdf

  • Khosla S., Dean W., Reik W. and Feil R. (2001). Effect of in vitro manipulation of mouse preimplantation embryos on genomic imprinting. Biology of Reproduction 64: 918-926.pdf

  • Khosla S., Augustus M. and Brahmachari V. (1999). Sex specific organisation of middle repetitive DNA sequences in the mealybug Planococcus lilacinus. Nucleic Acid Research. 27 (18):3745-3751.pdf

  • Feil R., Khosla S. (1999) Genomic imprinting in mammals: an interplay between chromatin and DNA methylation? Trends in Genetics 15:431-435.pdf

  • Khosla S., Aitchison A., Gregory R., Allen N.D. and Feil R. (1999). Parental allele-specific chromatin configuration in a boundary/imprinting-control element upstream of the mouse H19 gene. Molecular and Cellular Biology 19(4): 2556-2566.pdf

  • Feil R., Khosla S., Cappai P. and Loi P. (1998). Genomic imprinting in ruminants: allele-specific gene expression in parthenogenetic sheep. Mammalian Genome 9(10): 831-834.pdf

  • Khosla S., Kantheti P., Brahmachari V. and Chandra H.S. (1996). A male-specific nuclease-resistant chromatin fraction in the mealybug Planococcus lilacinus. Chromosoma 104:386-392.pdf

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