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Aggarwal S.,† Vineeth V.S.*, Padwal S.S.*, Bhat S.A., Singh A., Kulkarni A., Patil M., Tallapaka K., Pasumarthi D., Venkatapuram V., Thotakura P.L., Dalal A.B., and Bhandari R.† SERPINA11 related novel serpinopathy - a perinatal lethal disorder. Clinical Genetics (2024) (in press)

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Asmita Gupta, Sumedha Avadhanula and Murali Bashyam. Evaluation of the gene fusion landscape in early onset sporadic rectal cancer reveals association with chromatin architecture and genome stability. Oncogene, 2024, in press.

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Abhimanyu Jana, Abhishek Aher, Paula Brandao, Pradip Bera, Saphy Sharda, Ujjwal Phadikar, Sunil Kumar Manna, Ajit Kumar Mahapatra and Pulakesh Bera. (2022) Evaluation of the anticancer activities with various ligand substituents in Co(II/III)-picolyl phenolate derivatives: synthesis, characterization, DFT, DNA cleavage, and molecular docking studies. Dalton Transactions Issue 6, Page xx-xx. (https://doi.org/10.1039/D1DT02825A).

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Abhimanyu Jana, Abhishek Aher, Paula Brandao, Sunil Kumar Manna, Indranil Bhattacharyya, Gopinath Mondal, Abhimanyu Jana, Ananyakumari Santra and Pulakesh Bera (2021) Anticancer activity, DNA binding and docking study of M(II)-complexes (M = Zn, Cu and Ni) derived from a new pyrazine-thiazole ligand: synthesis, structure and DFT. New Journal of Chemistry 2021,45, 11999-12015 (https://doi.org/10.1039/D0NJ05883A).

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