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Dr.Sanjeev Khosla
Mammalian Genetics Group
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Mammalian Genetics
Sanjeev Khosla
Laboratory of Mammalian Genetics

Ph. D. from Indian Institute of Science (1997)

Dr.Sanjeev Khosla received Ph.D from Developmental Biology and Genetics Laboratory at the Indian Institute of Science. For his Ph.D. he worked with Dr. Vani Brahmachari on the correlation of chromatin organisation with genomic imprinting and sex determination in the coccid insects, mealybugs (Planococcus lilacinus). After completion of his doctoral thesis he joined as a research scientist in the laboratory of Dr. Robert Feil at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK where he was involved in analysing epigenetic differences between the genetic information inherited from the mother and father. He identified regions of allele-specific chromatin organisation within certain genes (called imprinted genes) in mammalian genome which are expressed in a parental-allele specific manner. Later he moved to the laboratory of Prof. Azim Surani in the Wellcome Trust/ Cancer Research UK Institute, Cambridge, UK where he continued his work on the correlation of chromatin organisation with genomic imprinting in mammals.

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